Why you should never ghost a recruiter?

There are many reasons you might miss an interview or decide to ghost the recruiter.  Maybe you found a better job, changed your mind or just plain forgot. 

Here are the top 3 reasons you should never ghost a recruiter:

1. You may get less offers on job sites 

When you apply for a job on a job site it is assumed you are interested. If the recruiter or employer replies to you they would like to interview you and you don't pitch, its a red flag.  Many major job sites ask recruiters to flag people that don't respond or pitch for interviews.  This could lead to your resume showing to fewer employers on the site.

2. Recruiters have many clients

 Most recruiters specialize in an industry and will have many clients in that space.  Do you really want to be tagged as someone who is unreliable because you skipped your interview and the ghosted them.  Its okay to change your mind, you just need to let them know.  Ghosting a recruiter will assure they will not contact you for any future opportunities that might come in.

3. Top talent never ghosts

 People who ghost give the impression they lack maturity and responsibility required for senior roles. If you accidentally miss an interview, just be honest and most recruiters will reschedule.  If your situation changes and you are no longer interested in the job then let the recruiter know.  Recruiters make it their job to know everyone in your industry and it never hurts to maintain your professional profile with them.


Barak Hirschowitz is CEO of Hospitalio Recruitment and President of the International Luxury Hotel Association.  

Barak was named LinkedIn's most connected hospitality professional and runs its largest hospitality group with over 300,000 members.  

He has been recruiting top talent for the world's leading hotels, resorts and cruise lines for over 15 years.