Our Leadership Team

Since 2004 our global leadership team has been recruiting talent for the world's best hospitality organizations.  We have recruited opening teams for the world's leading cruise lines, executives for hospitality startups, chefs for Michelin star restaurants and everything in between.  Our clients all have one thing in common, they realize their talent is their most important investment, its what sets them apart from the competition.  We have recruiters based in the US, Middle East, Africa and Asia.   

Photo of Barak Hirschowitz

Barak is based in the US and has worked in the luxury hospitality industry for over 20 years and helps connect its leadership.

For fun, Barak is a competitive joggler and juggles 3 balls by while running marathon's.  In 2019 he ran 4 marathons juggling all the way.

Barak Hirschowitz


Kyle and Barak in charge of FOH and BOH at the Cascades Resort at Sun City South Africa in 1998.

Photo of Kyle Ovens

Kyle is based in South Africa and has held senior roles in the cruise and luxury hotel world.  He has 20+ years in the business.  For fun, Kyle is an experienced fly fisherman and has been on expeditions to remote parts of the world.

Kyle Ovens