• Great recruitment starts with a great process

    Our innovative recruitment process is designed to save you time, stress and money. We provide you with the best available candidates who have been pre-screened, briefed and are ready to interview.

Our 6 step process ensures you receive great candidates fast.  

Step 1. Briefing

A call with you to review:

  • What you are looking for?
  • What you are offering?
  • Why someone would want to work for you?
  • What makes your company special?
  • Is your offer market related?


Save time by making sure we have all the important info we need upfront.

Step 2. Video Pitch

We create a powerful video pitch for candidates.

It works because it provides:

  • Valuable information on your company, website, news, even information about living in the area
  • A detailed explanation of the job 
  • A complete overview of what you offer and why people should work for you


Excite and inform candidates about your opportunity. 

Step 3. Search

Your opportunity is unique and deserves a custom search plan

A thorough search takes up to 4 weeks with candidates usually applying within a week.

Our search marketing includes:

  • Our database - 100k + hospitality professionals
  • Online and social media
  • Email marketing
  • Referrals
  • Direct calling/sms/whastapp etc


Find all the best available candidates, not just those that are "job hunting"

Step 4. Screening & Submit

Candidates are screened to ensure they:

  • Meet your requirements
  • Are a good company fit
  • Have a clear understanding of your opportunity
  • Get answers to any questions or reservations they have?
  • Are 100% interested


Ensure candidates are a good fit and fully understand the job requirements.

Step 5. Interviews & References

We will assist with:

  • Setting up interviews
  • Reference checking 


Save you time

Step 6. Offer Negotiation

Let's close the deal 

Our negotiation expertise helps:

  • Get honest feedback about the offer from both sides
  • Make sure that both parties are truly happy with the negotiation


Ensure we don't lose the top candidate at the most critical stage.