6 Ways for Hospitality Professionals to Increase their Earning Potential

If your salary has hit a plateau and you are struggling to move to the next level, here are a few tips to set you up for an increase. 

Have a Clear Vision of your Career Path 

Having a goal and long term strategic plan of how to get there is valuable. Understand the ladder you will need to climb and take well thought out steps and risks to get there. While the hospitality industry appears to be based on operations and being in the front line, there is great opportunity to move into the corporate arena. Business development, international expansion, strategic planning, finance & market analysis are areas worth considering.   

Work Abroad to Gain International Experience

Consider working abroad and gaining indispensable exposure to other cultures and ways of working.  Generally moving to an international destination will require either living on site or very nearby, this will allow you to be immersed in the company culture and encourage a sense of team spirit. Salary packages to expats are generally higher and in some locations not taxed. As well as benefits of accommodation, meals, uniform, medical and flights, these will cover most of the extra expenses, leaving money to be saved.

International experience is always regarded highly by recruiters and HR Directors. Very often it can be the make or break when selecting a candidate for an interview.

This leads me to…   

Learn Another Language

With modern technology advancing at the speed it is, learning another language is as easy as downloading an app. Babbel, Duolingo & Tandem are some of the best apps available now. Being able to speak another language will set you apart from other employees within your department.   

Studying Further

This doesn’t have to mean enrolling into a degree or diploma, which is always good for your resume. Expanding your skill set by attending courses offered within your organization or cross training in another department is beneficial and will add weight to your resume.  A quick an affordable way to show luxury brands you understand “luxury service” is to get certified through the ILHA Delivering Service Excellence program. 

Next Level

Review the job description for the position above yours.  Make sure you have what it takes to perform that job. Note the skills and training needed for that position and fill in the missing gaps in your experience. Always have your eye on the goal and do what is needed to get there. 


Finally, a stable track record is paramount. Promotions and growth within a company or moving with career progression in mind, shows commitment and well thought out decision making skills.  The hospitality industry is full of transient employees who move from job to job.  Show employers you have loyalty by spending a couple of years before moving.

By Clare Ovens - Senior Recruiter, Hospitalio Recruitment