Host a Michelin Star Chef at your Hotel or Restaurant

Nothing draws a crowd to your hotel or restaurant faster than a Michelin star chef. 

Hospitalio Recruitment has helped many hotels and restaurants around the world bring a visiting Michelin star chef for a cooking promotion.  We now work with over 50 Michelin star chefs in different countries and can offer you their services.  It's a great way to impress your local market and motivate your team.   

Hospitalio is also the official provider for Marriott Hotels in China for their Michelin star chef promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


This can vary depending on the level of chef, how many days they cook for, travel costs and if they need to bring a Sous Chef (most do).

Typical fees are:

Michelin 1 star chef: $1500 - $3000 USD per day working at your property

Michelin 2 star chef: $3000 - $6000 USD per day working at your property 

Agency fee: $2000 per promotion

You are also responsible for all travel/visa arrangements and costs.

Most Michelin chefs will require a business class ticket round trip for longer distances, some may consider Economy plus for shorter distances.

Many chefs will also want to bring a Sous Chef.  You will need to also arrange and pay the Sous Chefs visa/travel costs, however they can fly coach class.

You will also need to provide for them a hotel room, laundry service and meals during their visit.

As an example:

Michelin 1 star chef - 2 nights promotion fee: 4000

Agency fee: 2000

Travel for chef and sous chef: 5000

Total cost:


Our clients have found that their guests are willing to pay a very high price to see a Michelin star chef and can easily recoup the costs of bringing a Michelin star chef for a promotion.


Typically a promotion can be lunch and dinner each day of the promotion.  Please allow one day extra day when the chef arrives for preparation.  Some chefs also will offer to do a cooking demonstration for VIP's.  For Michelin level cuisine the chefs will want to cook for no more than 40 - 60 guests each meal.  For a larger event withbigger numbers the chefs can prepare a slightly simpler menu able to be used for larger numbers.

Usually the chefs provide a 6 course dinner menu with a paired down 4 course version for lunch service.  The chefs provide in advance, recipes, photos and market list.  They will also provide you their photos and bio to be used for marketing.

Your team will need to ensure that the ingredients are all ordered and dishes tested prior to their arrival to ensure issues can be ironed out ahead of time.

Chefs will be happy to come out after and meet your guests and sign menu if required.


Of course, why not go big! Some of our clients will bring 5 different chefs to each do one course.  Its up you, and your budget of course 🙂

  1. we found out your requirements
  2. we find a suitable chef/chefs and introduce them to you
  3. we send an agreement to you and one to the chef
  4. when both parties have signed we will send you an invoice
  5. you will need to pay the invoice no later than 1 month before the chef arrives.  We will hold the fee until after the chef has completed the trip and then we will pay them.
  6. If you require insurance for the chef you will need to arrange this.
  7. Once the introduction has been made and the agreement signed, you must coordinate directly with the chefs to get all the info you need for the promotion and arrange their travel.  We can assist where needed with communication.

Most Michelin chefs receive many offers for promotions and can only do a couple each year as it takes them away from their busy kitchens.  Please allow enough time for us to find an available chef and to coordinate their travel/visas etc.  We recommend allowing at least 3 months advance notice.

Also, keep in mind high seasons many chefs will not be available or on holiday periods when their own restaurants are busy.  Our agency has worked out which restaurants have opposite busy seasons so that we can usually find Michelin chefs for promotions most of the year except main holidays.  The best time for most chefs is Sept - Nov and March - May which is out of peak seasons for most.

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