Michelin Chef Promotion China


Each year Marriott in China hold food promotions with Michelin star chefs at their five star properties. The event is widely covered in the press and the chef will get extensive China press exposure and the opportunity to promote their restaurant to VIP's at one of China's three main cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

  • 4th year the promotion is being held and approx 8 - 10 chefs participate each year
  • Each chef is assigned one hotel and event will be held over 3 nights
  • Each chef will have their promotion at a different week/month of the year than the other chefs.
  • Dates are agreed between the chef and the assigned hotel in advance. Please allow an extra night either side for travel/prep
  • Hotel will provide the chef with round trip economy flight, hotel transfer, room during stay, 3 meals per day, laundry service, and a fee of $2500
  • Hotel will provide chef with a kitchen team, ingredients and required equipment and will test dishes ahead of time to ensure they meet the chefs standard.
  • Event will include 3 dinners, 1 lunch and 1 cooking class
  • Menu can be the same for all 3 dinners and lunch can be a shortened version of the dinner menu
  • Chef will provide the hotel with recipes, photos, market list and equipment needed no later than one month before the event to allow them time to prepare. Hotel will do its best to get all required ingredients, but if an item is not available they will notify the chef ahead of time.
  • Chefs should allow at least one day extra either side for travel/prep
  • Chef agrees to being interviewed by Marriott for print/video for the purpose of promoting the event.
    Hotel will provide the chef with a letter of invitation in order to obtain a travel visa.
  • Hospitalio Recruitment will be responsible for sourcing the chefs for the promotion.
  • Hospitalio Recruitment will contract with and provide the fee to the chef once the trip is complete.
For any questions please contact Barak Hirschowitz at Hospitalio Recruitment barak@hospitalityrecruiter.com +1 941 312 1186