• Find your chef for only $2500

    Flat Fee Chef Recruitment

    How it works:
    • Fee is a fixed rate of $2500
    • Paid before we start the search
    • Guaranteed minimum of 3 (usually more) candidates that meet 3 mandatory criteria you provide us
    • All candidates are briefed on the job requirements and confirm their interest before we send them to you.
    • You deal directly with the candidates for interviews and hiring.
    • No additional fee is due when you hire someone, even if you hire more than one person we send you.
    • If we are unable to send you at least 3 suitable and interested candidates within 30 days and you have not hired at least one of them then we refund the full fee.
    • If someone you hire does not work out you can go back and hire one of the others we sent you.

We are the leading chef search firm

We understand chefs

Hospitalio was started by a top chef and our culinary recruitment team has recruited top kitchen talent for 14+ years.  We know how to identify chefs that have the right balance of skills, motivation and professionalism to match your team.

We know the market

We help ensure your offering is competitive enough to attract the right talent.  We save you time by ensuring every candidate is briefed and interested before we present them.

We deliver results

Good chefs are often not online, they are busy in their kitchens.  This makes them hard to reach.  Our proven search process ensures we reach the best chefs, even when they are not actively looking.

Recent Culinary Vacancies Filled

We help our clients find top chefs at all levels. 

  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chefs
  • Pastry Chefs
  • Japanese and Sushi Chefs
  • Chinese Chefs
  • European Chefs
  • Italian  Chefs
  • French Chefs
  • Chef de cuisines
  • Sushi Chefs
  • Michelin chefs
  • Restaurant Chefs
  • Hotel Chefs
  • and all other types of culinary talent