We know you need help recruiting but don't always have the same budget for every search.  

That's why we offer 2 flexible search types and pricing

Contingency & Flat FEE

(Watch the comparison video below)

Contingency Search

  • Fee is paid when the new employee starts working for you.
  • Free replacement
  • Reference checking
  • Interview assistance
  • Fee based on basic annual salary only
  • Discounts for multiple placements

Contingency Search Fee

The contingency fee is a one time fee paid when the candidate starts working.  It is a percentage of their annual basic salary.  Plus we offer an additional 10% off the final placement fee if you give us 30 days exclusivity on the search.  You can use the chart below to choose a fee percent based on how many months guarantee you prefer.



3                                                   14

6                                                   17 

Hospitality Flat Fee Search

Flat Fee Search

  • You provide us 3 mandatory criteria the candidates must have
  • You pay a one time fee of $2,500 for the search, you will not pay anything else when you hire someone, even if you decide to hire more than one person we send.
  • We guarantee a minimum of 3 candidates (usually more) that meet all 3 requirements and are interested in the position 
  •  If we are unable to provide you at least 3 options to choose from within 30 days or less and you have not hired anyone we have sent we refund the full fee.
  • If someone you hire from us does not work out you can hire one of the others we sent at no charge.
Flat Fee Search
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TIP: You can use different fee options for different searches.  Contact us today with the button below and we will get in touch to answer any questions you have about how our fees work.