For more than 10 years HOSPITALIO has built up a database of 25,000+ chefs.  We also run the largest b2b social network for Chefs on LinkedIn which has 100,000+ members.   If you have a product or service for chefs we can get the message out for you quickly and to more chefs than any other organization.  We will help you craft an e-blast campaign to our chef network that will quickly get generate the right leads for you.  


Product Promotion

Need to promote a product, service or event to chefs?  

We will help you craft an engaging EBLAST campaign that will build brand awareness and generate leads.  

A typical Eblast reaches over 50,000 chefs and generates hundreds of leads.


CHEF Surveys & Polls

Need data or feedback?  Let us build you a survey, poll or use your own.  

Our EBLAST's reach more than enough chefs to ensure your data is statistically relevant.

We have helped both companies and educational institutions obtain quality feedback from the chef industry.

Job Marketing

We are chef recruiting specialists but sometimes you just want to do it on your own.  Let us EBLAST your job to our network of chefs.  

Its the quickest way to get your chef vacancy out to the most chefs quickly.  Or event better, let us recruit it for you.

Hospitalio helped me promote our new range of sauces to the chef community. It was a great way to ramp things up quickly and the response we got was huge!
— Mark Farmer - LimeChilli