Relax, you finally found a recruiter that understands chefs.

Hospitalio Recruitment is the best agency for recruiting chefs.  We were founded by a top chef and have been recruiting chefs for the world's best hotels, resorts, cruise lines and restaurants for over 15 years.

It takes a chef to know a chef.

Most hospitality recruiters are HR based.  When it comes to chefs they don't understand the technical differences between an average and a great chef.  

That is what set's us apart.

Hospitalio was founded by Barak Hirschowitz, an internationally recognized chef.  

  • Voted Global Chef of the Month in 2004
  • Featured in Food & Wine Magazine's book  STAR CHEFS - 10 Culinary Masters
  • WACS certified Judge 
  • Judge for World Junior Chef Championship Finals
  • Regional Chairman for the South African Chefs Association 

Barak wrote the most shared article on how to properly interview a chef.   

We spent 15+ years earning our reputation as simply the best chef recruiter agency there is.  Its why the world's best hotels, resorts, cruise lines and restaurants rely on us to find the right chef for them.


  • Culinary Directors 
  • Executive Chefs
  • Executive Sous Chefs
  • Chef De Cuisine
  • Sous and more

Pastry & Bakery

  • Pastry Chefs
  • Bakers
  • Chocolatiers
  • Confectioners
  • and more


  • Asian chefs
  • Sushi chefs
  • Italian chefs
  • French chefs
  • Michelin star chefs and more

Your food reputation relies on your chef.

Don't risk your reputation on a recruiter that doesn't understand the kitchen.  Let us help you find your next culinary superstar.